The 3 Best All-in-One Kitchen Appliances in 2022

Best all-in-one toaster oven

The wagyu chuck roast that I cooked sous vide in the Anova precision oven was one of the best steaks I have ever had.

James Brains / Insider

In addition to baking, broiling and air frying, Anova Precision Furnace offers sous vide cooking, and you can control it and monitor the internal temperature of your food using your phone.

Advantages: Great for sous vide, baking, air frying and roasting, cooks evenly, comes with a probe thermometer that connects to the oven, can be sous vide without vacuum sealing, Wi-Fi control at distance via app, dozens of step-by-step recipes.

The inconvenients: Temperature didn’t stay consistent in our tests, slow to preheat and toast, unresponsive tactile buttons on handle

The Anova Precision Oven is the best combo toaster oven in our toaster oven guide because it performs all the functions of a regular convection toaster oven, including air frying, plus vacuum cooking and steam cooking.

The Anova Precision Oven features smart connectivity through the Anova Oven app (available for iOS and android). The handle’s touch buttons weren’t as responsive as I would have liked, so I controlled it with the app. The app offers dozens of step-by-step recipes that automatically control the oven. And a temperature probe tracks the cooking process, so the oven can alert you when the internal temperature is where you want it.

I liked being able to preheat the Anova from anywhere. When I bought a frozen pizza, I preheated the oven in the queue. This was especially helpful as it took longer to preheat and toast than other units we tested.

Yet the Anova Precision Oven cooked pizza, cookies, and chicken quickly and evenly, producing delicious results.

Sous vide cooking with the Anova was unique because I didn’t need to vacuum seal the ingredients. This allowed me to keep the temperature probe inside and stop the cooking process when it was at the right temperature.

The Anova oven has become my main appliance for sous vide cooking. I’ve made countless steaks, pork chops, leg of lamb, and more. The results are better than with an immersion heater.

The biggest drawback of the oven is that the temperature did not remain constant. In two hours, we found that the oven temperature varied by 16 degrees.

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Karl M. Bailey