The best Ninja kitchen appliances we’ve tested and reviewed

If you’ve ever stayed up late watching news or wandered down Target’s kitchen aisle, you already know Ninja. And if you’re new to the ubiquitous brand, Ninja specializes in affordable and efficient small kitchen appliances. Ninja has a lot of great marketing around it, but are the products worth your time? We’ve tested a number of Ninja products to find out, and these are the three we love so far. We’ll update this page with more reviews as we post them.

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker


Not everyone can afford the luxury of having coffee quality coffee at home every day. But one way or another, the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker offers something quite close. The coffee maker brews coffee, whether it’s a full carafe or a single serving, in a jiffy, and speed doesn’t mean you lose quality. You cannot make espresso with it, but you can make espresso because the coffee maker allows you to brew six sizes in four strengths. In iced coffee? You can also get it without waiting for hours to brew a cold brew or oxidizing hot coffee for minutes in the fridge.

The built-in frother aerates and froths the milk so you can make drinks like lattes or cappuccinos, all without having to step into an arrogant cafe. It’s not the perfect machine, however. It promises a lot and keeps its promises, although no coffee will blow your mind. After all, it’s filter coffee, so don’t expect it to beat a taste test against poured coffee.


Ninja Foodi Power Blender and Processor

ninja power mixer ss351 foodi


Mixers and food processors are not the same thing. In very few cases they are interchangeable, but most of the time each has its own set of uses. This is where the Foodi Power Blender & Processor system comes in. Using a single motor with lots of attachments, you can basically use it as a blender or food processor. And if you’re one of those people who wants single-serve smoothies, the system can do that, too.

It’s packed with settings that adjust the speed and frequency of the motor to get the correct consistencies for whatever you’re blending or processing – be it hummus or a smoothie – and you can easily adjust these settings manually. The biggest problem we have with the system is its noise level, although it is handy to have both a blender and a food processor on hand whenever the opportunity arises for one. or the other.


Ninja Foodi indoor barbecue

ninja foodi grill


Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an outdoor space in their home. That, of course, means a lot of people don’t have the luxury of owning a grill, and honestly, it sucks. The Foodi grill tries to bring the pleasure of grilling inside, while promising a little something extra. While the grill doesn’t impart any of that fire-licky flavor, it does provide the kind of grilling you crave from a grill. And what’s more, the grill is also essentially a table oven. And in real infomercial: “Wait, there are more!” Yes, the grill also happens to be an air fryer. The Foodi Grill does everything it promises, but there’s a huge caveat – it’s not really a grill. Step into the device with this constant reminder and you will be a fan.


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