The best portable air conditioners to keep you cool this summer

This particular model is ideal for anyone who is struggling to get a good night’s sleep. It automatically adjusts to your set temperature while removing moisture.

There is a remote control, a programmable timer and a sleep mode, where the machine gradually turns off throughout the night to save energy.

Notably, online reviews have said that it might be difficult to get the exhaust pipe out of the window (with a 1.8m cable), so it’s worth measuring your space first if you don’t. are not prepared with sliding windows or patio doors. Nevertheless, it is very easy to install and you can feel the effects almost immediately.

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How long should a portable air conditioner last?

The durability of the machine depends on the model and how you take care of it. However, according to Kandola, they can last a long time. “If you buy a good quality unit and take care of it, it should last you up to five years.”

How do you spot a top quality unit? According to CAS-Hire sales manager Dan Savory, the outer case should be made of sturdy plastic, as this insulates the compressor and makes it quieter. If you press down on the plastic casing and it wiggles, it’s probably too fragile – which, he says, is typical of cheaper models.

How much does a portable air conditioner cost?

Portable air conditioners can cost anywhere from £ 300 to over £ 700. Despite these varying prices, some experts claim that most portable models are quite similar, but branded differently.

“Most of these air conditioners are made in the same factory and they’re just labeled in each country,” says Wood. “There are different types of models imported from Asia that have just been stamped,” adds Savory. “They share equipment between different consumer brands. “

However, some argue that some brands are definitely better than others – Kandola calls De’Longhi and Midea the “Rolls Royce” of air conditioning for their superior construction and durability. They also offer a range of additional features and lower noise levels than cheaper models.

What type of air conditioner should I buy?

Once you start to search online for a portable air conditioner, you will notice that there are three main types: exhaust pipe (or “duct”) air conditioners, split air conditioners, and evaporative coolers.

The one that you will probably be interested in is the exhaust pipe conditioner, which is the most common portable model. When this device cools a room, it creates hot exhaust gases – that’s why it is attached to an exhaust pipe. The pipe should exit through a window – preferably one that will close over it, to keep the room as sealed as possible.

a evaporative air cooler is not technically an air conditioner, but rather “a glorified fan,” according to Ryan Kandola, business manager of A split type air conditioner, on the other hand, is a permanent installation. If you are looking for a portable air conditioner, then these two things are best ignored.

How to maintain your portable air conditioner

When air conditioners cool a room, they usually produce water, which is collected inside the machine in a bucket. To ensure the longevity of the product, you should empty this bucket every few weeks.

It is also essential to clean the filters in a portable air conditioner. “The filters pick up a lot of the microfibers and dust generated in the properties, and they can get stuck inside the unit,” warns Savory. This forces the compressor to work harder, so the machine cools less efficiently.

To fight against clogged filters, Savory suggests that you vacuum them every week, as well as the screens on the back of the device. He also suggests washing the filters once a month with lukewarm water and a mild, low-quality decontaminant. This breaks down any hairspray or cooking oil residue that clogs the system.

When the weather gets colder (inevitably) and you are ready to store the air conditioner in the cupboard under the stairs, be sure to store it neatly. This increases the life of the machine, so it will be ready the next time your room is transformed into a sauna.

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