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There is no denying that the Internet of Things has slowly made its way into almost every aspect of our homes.

These days, smart gadgets that make cooking easier are invading our kitchens – and we, for one, welcome our new electronic overlords.

From smart air fryers to automatic rice cookers, we round up our top picks in Singapore to give your kitchen the upgrade of the century.

smart rice cookers

Cooking rice is almost like painting a picture – finding the right pressure, volume and balance is key. What if you had a rice cooker to handle it all for you? Smart rice cookers make the process so seamless you’ll never look back.

To inspire you: with smart rice cookers like the Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker, you can adjust the texture of your rice to your liking, schedule when it’s ready, and automatically adjust water levels and temperature from your phone.

Just put your rice in this magic machine and voila! Your rice will be cooked to perfection, just the way you like it.

Smart Air Fryers

Air fryers have proven to be the healthiest option for our favorite foods, coupled with convenience and ease of use. So what does a smart air fryer do to make this already beloved gadget even better?

Well, imagine not having to reheat meals individually for your family, or trying to figure out what the right time is for the foods you’re trying to fry.

With the push of a button on your phone, you can program frying, choose the right time and temperature, and even remind you to turn food when it’s time.

To inspire you: Philips Premium Airfryer XXL comes with its own remote control and programmed cooking. Think multifunctional, go digital – heat up meals for the whole family without having to stay in the kitchen too long, if at all.

Smart toasters


Have you ever messed up with a toaster and ended up with a stone instead? I bet you were grilled! (Get it?) Smart toasters are able to gauge the moisture levels in the bread you put in to give you the perfect toast every time.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can choose from the various recipes to try out new styles of dishes offered to you.

Or if you prefer to be in control, you can even customize the shade, crispiness and finish of your toast. This is progress we can toast to!

To inspire you: smart toasters like the Revolution InstaGLO® R180 Toaster are truly a bargain. Imagine having customizable options for bread, shade and crisp and more. It opens up a world of possibilities you never knew you needed.

food recycling machine


For the environmentalists among us, this one is exciting. With a food recycling machine, you can reduce your kitchen waste and turn it into viable soil amendments, making it easier not only to clean up and take care of yourself, but the planet as well.

Plus, this ingenious creation is able to limit odors emitted from waste with filters, making it easy to place virtually anywhere in your kitchen without worrying about odors. No worries about not emptying the bins!

To inspire you: Vitamix® FoodCycler® FC-50 is the only way to go if you’re looking for a more sustainable New Year’s route.

No more wasted food, not even unwanted bits – just redirect them as compost to use as fertilizer. 2022 is your time to shine as a plant mom.

Smart trash cans


You might be wondering how smart a trash can can get – well, keep reading. With a smart trash can, you can forget to hold the trash can open to dispose of your trash, or accidentally close it while you’re doing so.

The bin is context-aware with motion sensors. These smart bins come with custom liners built into the bin itself to ensure a perfect seal and hold every time you replace it. Taking out the trash has never been so easy.

To inspire you: SimpleHuman Semi-Round Sensor Box is a stainless steel beauty, coated with silver ions that provide germ resistance.

Not that you need to touch the trash can anyway – the adaptive motion sensor can pick up cues from the surrounding environment, opening and closing smoothly as needed.

Smart Kitchen Faucets


The faucet is often the centerpiece of a kitchen – an appliance we rely on so much and works great as is, until you hear what smart faucets have to offer.

Turn on the tap with just your voice when your hands are full, monitor and control how much water you use, get the right amount of water for your recipe, and even set presets for custom water amounts.

All while reducing the spread of germs or the need to constantly clean your faucet.

For inspiration: turn to the Sleek U of Moen Smart Pulldown Kitchen Faucet for greater efficiency and increased control of handle position using four different methods. Here’s the best part – it’s voice-activated, hands-free, and has a full app just for your convenience.

All-in-one kitchen machine


If all that wasn’t enough, how about your very own sous-chef to help you reach the pinnacle of your culinary excellence? An all-in-one kitchen machine acts like a second pair of hands in the kitchen – replacing over 20 appliances in one.

You can chop, mix, whisk, weigh, grind, knead, mince, sear, sous vide and more, all at the touch of a button. With this machine, your cooking experience becomes seamless, allowing you to focus on your creation, all while helping to make your dishes healthier.

For inspiration: Thermomix TM6 is an example of a second pair of hands in the kitchen. It has over 20 devices in one – you can safely complete a task, while rest assured that the machine is saving you valuable minutes elsewhere by taking over a task or two.

AI Center

For the perfect smart cooking experience, pair it all with an AI hub. Imagine being able to start your wash cycle, set your oven to a specific heat and time, or even view the contents of your refrigerator while knowing your inventory and expiration dates, all while you’re on the go.

All of your kitchen appliances work together to keep you on top of household details, while letting you focus on your other tasks.

For inspiration: For the complete experience, combine all Bosch home appliances with Home connection – you can start your wash cycle, set your oven to the exact heat and time, and view the contents of your fridge on the go.

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