Top 10 kitchen appliances to prepare the ultimate breakfast

Mornings are probably the most hectic part of our daily routine! You have to get up, get dressed, make breakfast for yourself (or others if you don’t live in a single person household), prepare your meals for the day, and basically make sure your day gets going. efficiently and smoothly. . The most important meal of the day is breakfast, and honestly, it’s the meal I’m the laziest and least enthusiastic about preparing. I’m just going to have a cup of coffee from my favorite barista… thank you very much! However, I try harder to make sure I have a healthy, balanced breakfast every morning, and a set of handy kitchen appliances that perfectly suit my breakfast needs makes my breakfasts a lot easier. mornings! From a refreshing slide-out toaster to a smart teapot, here’s a collection of nifty kitchen gadgets sure to help you start your day in the funniest, easiest and most efficient way possible.

1. Slide-out toaster

Harry Rigler wants to reinvent the trusted image of the toaster with a twist on the softly shaped design of this home kitchen appliance. This too keeping in mind the demands of modern users and the current and future progression of kitchen interior design. Rather than being a pop-up toaster like most, it’s the Slide toaster that rolls the toasting rack to the side like a roll-up smartphone. The tray slides – you put the bread in and slide it out. The toasting process begins in the Slide toaster with an LED ring indicating the toasting level and the end.

2. The Gevi

Winner of the 2021 Red Dot Design Award, the Gevi refute the idea that a coffee machine should look like a big, bulky, bulky appliance. The 2-in-1 coffee grinder and infuser are visually separated into their two parts. The device comes with a base platform that has its own dedicated scale to help you weigh the beans before adding them to the grinder. The grinder comes with a bean hopper on top to feed the beans, while the commercial-grade 60mm flat steel burrs help create a consistent grind for your beans (while the anti-static measures help prevent particles to stick/clump together). The dose consistency from grains to powder of the device is about 0.2g.

3. The Eggplant Poacher

Designed like a pool tube that floats in water, this food-grade silicone device makes poaching eggs absolutely stress-free. Simply place the Eggland in nearly boiling water, add a few drops of oil and crack the egg directly into its cavity. The egg looks like it’s lounging, while the hot water below cooks it to perfection. Pull the device by the handle inspired by an inflatable palm tree and flip the egg over your ham and cheese sandwich to transform it into an absolutely divine Croque Madame sandwich.

4. Power strip

Designed with flexible catering in mind, Multiplug brings a new and welcome element to social dining! While one day we are just cooking for ourselves and our partner, the next day can see the whole family coming together for an occasion, how far a single hot plate doesn’t extend! Multiplug’s flexible design allows up to five devices to be connected at once! Daisy-chaining the hobs means food is within easy reach of everyone on the table…perfect for those big social gatherings we love!

5. Gutiérrez Rincón’s toaster

The design of Gutiérrez Rincón’s toaster retains a simple control panel in the same way as related Smeg products and shines with a polished finish reminiscent of appliances from the 1950s. From its base, Gutiérrez Rincón’s toaster is conceptualized with stainless steel legs that raise the toaster slightly off the kitchen counter. Complementing its short-legged base, a reflective red aluminum finish gives the toaster a bright and energetic profile. On the side, users can find the toaster control panel which features a sliding knob that allows users to change the timing of the toaster, while small buttons give users options to heat, defrost, turn off or grill.

6. The all-in-one coffee grinder

Reducing the machine to a portable device, Hsu’s all-in-one coffee grinder is about the same size as a conventional, reusable water bottle. Suitable for a camping retreat or an overnight road trip, the all-in-one coffee grinder can be stored in any suitcase or carry-on for a quick cup of coffee whenever the mood strikes. take. Consisting of three main modules, the all-in-one coffee grinder keeps its power core and key control interface to the topmost module, just above the charging tray. At its center, the all-in-one coffee grinder houses its charging compartment that users can fill with coffee beans to grind. From here, users can twist the top module for grinding. Before spilling into the filter extraction cup, a dust-proof coating sifts the ground coffee.


Crafted from stainless steel, with a PVD coating to give it a nice pop of color, the THRONE is a beautifully simplistic tripod that holds your boiled egg in place while you dig into it. The THRONE celebrates the goodness of the egg by letting you admire it while you eat it. Its minimalist design does a great job of holding the egg in place while showing it off…hence the name. The simple form factor, apart from being unusual to look at, is also stackable, unbreakable and works just as well with lemons, tangerines, strawberries and maybe even a medium sized avocado.

8. The TEO smart teapot

The TEO Smart Tea Maker has a sleek, monochromatic design that has a coffee maker feel but tries to draw attention to the tea extract itself by making that part transparent. It is made up of three main parts: the water reservoir which looks like your average industrial looking teapot; the brewing section where you are supposed to put the tea leaves and where the magic happens; and the transparent glass container into which the infused tea is poured. There’s actually a 4th component, the base which looks like an induction cooker but with fewer confusing knobs.

9. Cookin’Pods

Designed to allow you to cook pasta, vegetables or even eggs in water without having to fish with a slotted spoon to retrieve them later, Cookin’Pods sit directly on the edge of your pan with their bottom submerged in the water. When you want to get your food out, just grab a pair of gloves and take out the Cookin’Pods. The pods automatically filter your food in a fraction of a second, saving you time and effort. The Cookin’Pods have a certain practical side but their greatest advantage is their ability to allow you to easily compartmentalize your kitchen. Imagine having to cook pasta in boiling water and blanch vegetables.

10. Food

Fooding, a new concept of kitchen appliances from Yifeeling Design, combines the best of microwave and air fryer. Turns out we can have it all. Inspired by the bulbous shape of an astronaut’s helmet, Fooding fuses the traditional rectangular shape of the microwave with the modern rounded edges of the air fryer. Similar to conventional microwaves, Fooding features a rotating internal heating plate and a heat-strengthened glass liner so users can always keep an eye on their food. On the left side of Fooding, a control panel shows all the different cooking options, including defrost, roast, air fry, heat and slow cook, as well as different temperature settings.

Karl M. Bailey