TV shows like Anupamaa, Imlie, Udaariyaan and others follow the “Women Leaving Home” trend; is this a FLOP SHOW?

MUMBAI: TV shows have been one of the best mediums of entertainment for over a decade and not only do we love to watch all unique content on TV but also bring back all the best memories from previous shows.

We have seen a lot of shows take their mark the Bollywood way where they follow the trail of certain Bollywood situations. But now it looks like the shows are going on a consistent trend too!

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TV shows have found a new taste for women to be independent and leave the house. Of course, feminism comes into play, but we can also see that women, especially those who are housewives and those people can only expect to compromise and live in this ‘chariot’. diwar ka ghar ”, take a firm stand for themselves and move forward with their heads on their shoulders.

For example, we have Anupamaa, who was initially a housewife, moving on to exploring her business streak and also looking for love on her journey to Imlie who was letting Aditya take a call on their relationship, now putting it all behind and promising that she will never forgive Aditya and leave the house. A similar situation is also found in Udaariyan on Colors.

As for Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, we’ve seen Sai leave home time and time again and now it’s high time she took a call whether or not she wanted to stay with Virat!

Let’s see what our audience has to say.

Rahul Sisodia shares: “I’ve noticed that dramas often follow the same league, but it’s also interesting.”

Shikha Shah said, “During festivals, all shows project a similar drama and it is predictable that there will be twists and turns in the middle of the celebrations. I think it’s interesting how each show serves entertainment differently by following the same model. “

Namrata Singh is of the opinion: “I believe in variations. Why would audiences want to see the same kind of script followed on every show? I find it very boring!

Renuka Makwana mentions: “Nowadays the shows are very boring anyway. It would be nice to see something different offered at each show. The drama still revolves around the politics of the kitchen, so it would be a nice change if the creators played with the plot.

Raksha Kadam said, “Although television is entertaining, there are episodes where the audience just sits down to pass their time and when the track becomes similar across the shows, I feel like it reaches saturation for the audience because although the audience is served the drama by different shows, the track around which the premise revolves is the same. “

What do you think of the same? Let us know in the comments below! (Also read: Public Speak: Bondita aka Aurra Bhatnagar, Is She Losing Her Charm in Colors’ Barrister Babu?)

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