TV Tonight: A Rough Diamond Swaps His Life With A Millionaire | Television

The Real Housewives of Belgravia

10 p.m., Channel 4

Rich person meets poor person is, generally, a left television format. Does this one – multi-millionaire Amanda Cronin and former homeless filmmaker Martin Read become “friends” who explore each other’s lives for a few weeks – offer something new and substantial on the big social divide in the UK? On the one hand, Read has full control over fair production and no one is taken advantage of. But, beyond plugging in her skincare brand one minute and then helping out at a soup kitchen the next, Cronin shares no real learning from the experience. Hollie Richardson

The big design challenge

8 p.m., Sky Arts

This format hosted by Lauren Laverne sees eight creatives compete for the chance to exhibit their work at the V&A. Konnie Huq, guest judge for the first week, tasks them with creating a play sculpture for children. But after being split into two teams, will the rival designers work effectively together? Graeme Virtue

Rise of the Nazis: Warring Dictators

9 p.m., BBC 2

Bringing something new to TV coverage of World War II is no small feat, but this gripping narrative take on the Eastern Front comes pretty close. He invites experts, including a former head of MI6 and, uh, Garry Kasparov, to provide psychological insights into the main players in political mind games. Alexis Duggins

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels as portrayed in Rise of the Nazis: Dictators at War. Photography: Audrius Solominas/BBC/72 Films

Team Dates

9 p.m., BBC 3

Group dating is one thing, apparently. This new show has two friends traveling to each other’s local areas to see if there’s any sparks. Tonight three students from Lancaster meet a trio of students from Middlesbrough (“I can’t manage without ugly dogs”, claims Tracey). Well, it’s Valentine’s Day after all. TIME


10 p.m., BBC 3

Not to be confused with the Saturday show of the same name – it’s Christmas in this perfect rom-com, but Jessie and Tom skip it apart. Instead, the day sees a big Love Actually reference, drunken vocal notes and an offering of leftover ham. TIME


10:05 p.m., Atlantic Sky

Now that Nate and Cassie’s relationship bombshell has dropped — thanks to expert detonator Rue — all eyes are on Maddy. Will she retaliate with her own weapon of mass destruction? It’s Euphoria, so expect some very unreasonable teenage responses. Henry Wong

Choice of movies

Tom Cruise plays shrewd sports agent Jerry Maguire.
Tom Cruise plays shrewd sports agent Jerry Maguire. Photo: Tristar Pictures/Allstar

Jerry Maguire (Cameron Crowe, 1996), 9 p.m., Film4
A top-notch Valentine’s Day doubleheader begins with Crowe’s romantic drama. Tom Cruise is at his peak Cruise — all in sharp attire and slick style — as sports agent Jerry, whose “mission statement” about caring more and earning less gets him fired. But the NFL-based story of him and his only remaining client, Rod (an effervescent Cuba Gooding Jr), is a fringe of his relationship with Renée Zellweger’s infatuated employee Dorothy — as he gets a job. first the girl, then realizes that he doesn’t. deserve it. Simon Wardel

Disobedience (Sebastián Lelio, 2018), 11:50 p.m., Film4
A subtle choice for an evening film, Lelio’s unbiased drama, set in London’s Orthodox Jewish community, is at the heart of love. Rachel Weisz simmers as Ronit, a New York-based photographer who returns to Britain for the funeral of her rabbi father. Having abandoned her religion, she receives a cold reception, except for childhood friends – and a now married couple – Esti (Rachel McAdams) and Dovid (Alessandro Nivola). Ronit disrupts their committed but passionless existence, and Esti finds the taboo emotions she had suppressed for years become inevitable. SW

Karl M. Bailey