TV tonight: Elena Ferrante beautifully unpacks friendship, class and privilege | Television

my brilliant friend

9 p.m., Atlantic Sky

The quietly beautiful adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s best-selling Neapolitan novels reaches the third book in the series. Now reflecting on their friendship in 1970s Italy, Lenù is a rising literary star and engaged to a professor, while Lila has left her marriage and taken a job at a meat factory. But their lives continue to twist in unexpected ways and their roles change, as themes of friendship, privilege, class, loyalty and success are unpacked in intricate and thoughtful ways. Hollie Richardson


3 p.m., Channel 4

Agility, heel work, obedience, flyball and generally being extra cute – these are the things that test the most competitive pooches in the world. Clare Balding presents from day one, with a highlights show at 8 p.m. and continuous coverage until Sunday, when the best of the show is chosen. TIME

The dragon’s lair

8 p.m., BBC One

Cash injection or brazen rejection? A new wave of pending bosses are hoping their optimistic business plans will survive the test of fire that is befalling the unsentimental Dragons. On the program this evening: a confusing puzzle game, chocolate treats and an ingenious concept of office furniture that can only be described as “hot”. Graeme Virtue

The apprentice

9 p.m., BBC One

This week, our aspiring business moguls are due to launch a baby food brand. Half of the contestants head to the kitchen to craft flavor notes, while the rest take care of branding. It’s a classic apprentice setup – designed to fail spectacularly and see competitors inevitably fumble. Henry Wong

Amol Rajan interviews Nile Rodgers

9 p.m., BBC 2

Songwriter/guitarist Chic is a prolific interview giver, but the story of his band’s success and his work with Madonna, David Bowie, Daft Punk and others perhaps cannot be told too much. of times. This hour-long conversation also touches on music industry racism and the death of Rodgers’ mother in 2020. Jack Seale

Extraordinary getaways with Sandi Toksvig

9 p.m., Channel 4

Spending the day with Toksvig and his traveling companion Sue Johnston at an alpaca farm sounds like the therapy we all need. And that’s not all they do in Cornwall: expect a fun game of pétanque and lots of great conversation. TIME

Karl M. Bailey