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It’s understandable that you’ve put off upgrading a kitchen appliance. New units have relatively high prices and, these days, unpredictable wait times. But when you buy local from a retailer like LP Appliance in Westbrook, you get the personal touch from selecting a model and finding the best price, to arranging delivery and fixing any issues that arise along the way. Follow this guide to find your cooking behavior and see which appliance you’ve been missing in your cooking routine.

Customize the finishes with the Café Professional series. This double oven is in matte white with brushed bronze hardware.

Well-budgeted shopping trips | Try new recipes | Holiday accommodation

Upgrade to a double oven Where four-door refrigerator. Get the space and flexibility for storage, prep and cooking and expand your home chef’s horizons.

With two separate compartments, double ovens eliminate the complex math and time management skills needed to switch from vegetables to meats to desserts with cooling times in between.
Budget: GE 27″ Smart Built-In Convection Wall Oven
Midrange : KitchenAid 30″ Wall Oven with Convection
Top of the line : Café Professional Series 30″ Smart Convection Wall Oven

Four-door refrigerators are an organizer’s dream. Choose a double French door arrangement or a French door plus refrigerator and freezer drawer.
Budget: Whirlpool Counter Depth 4 Door
Midrange : GE Profile Smart 4-Door
Top of the line : Energy Star Quad Door Cafe

Use only what you need. This slim refrigerator with bottom freezer is from GE and has a total of 11.9 cu. ft. of storage.

Generous take-out budgets | Quick and Easy Meals | Any space except the kitchen

Downsize with a compact fridge or convection microwave. For someone who will never have a set
tubs of cream to chill, you can save space and stay stylish with a narrow, standard-height (about 70-inch) refrigerator.
Budget: Whirlpool Top Freezer, 16 Cu. ft.
Midrange : GE Bottom Freezer, 11.9 Cu. ft.

Convection microwaves crisp your food like an air fryer with an internal fan that makes sure the heat is evenly distributed.
Budget: GE Countertop, 1.0 Cu. ft.
Midrange : Maytag Over-the-Range, 2.1 Cu. ft.
Top of the line : Smart Café counter, 1.5 cu. ft.

Hyperclean kitchens | Relaxation after a meal | Energetic efficiency

A commercial grade household dishwasher should have a stainless steel interior and a steam/sanitize cycle

You’re looking for machines that work hard, work fast, and help you clean as you go. Make sure you have a third rack dishwasher Where induction range. Third-rack dishwashers have a full slide-out rack for silverware, which creates more space for dishwasher-safe pots and pans, long-stemmed glasses, and even bottles. Get a model with a steam/sanitize cycle for extra polish.
Budget: Maytag with dual power filtration
Midrange : KitchenAid with stainless steel bowl
Top of the line : Jennair Noir with interior lighting

Due to an induction cooker’s unique heating process, the area around the burner stays cool, making it easier to clean the cooktop as you go.
Midrange : Jennair 30″ European Style
Top of the line : Cafe 30” Matte White

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