Your story, your design – Personalize Samsung’s bespoke fridges with your own artwork and photos

Samsung is unveiling a new level of personalization in home appliances with its first-ever bespoke refrigerators designed by you, for you. The new from Samsung MyBespoke Fridge Panels inspire you to create a unique design with your own original artwork or favorite photos so you can personalize your living space like never before.

With Samsung’s new MyBespoke custom design panels, you can have your original designs or custom photos printed by Samsung on the French doors of Bespoke refrigerators.¹ To complement your MyBespoke custom design, you can choose from a variety of bespoke colors bold, lively and neutral. in glossy or metallic finish – for lower doors or refrigerator drawers.

“MyBespoke brings a new level of personalization to our range of bespoke devices, inspiring a whole new way to express your creativity”, said Shane Higby, head of home appliance business at Samsung Electronics America. “Whether it’s a favorite personal photo or a bold print you’ve designed, the possibilities are endless as this is your one-of-a-kind bespoke fridge.”

You can design your unique MyBespoke fridge panels with either one or both French doors ($250 per panel) and Samsung will ship them right to your doorstep. Create your own design when you buy a Bespoke fridge from Samsung.com², or simply replace your existing Bespoke French Door fridge panels with your custom panels.³

Samsung’s MyBespoke custom printed signs will be available later this year on Sign up to receive more information.

The new offering builds on the success of Samsung’s bespoke ranges of kitchen appliances and home products, which can be customized to create a space that matches your style.

To help inspire creativity, Samsung has teamed up with three designers to showcase their own MyBespoke designs. Each design reflects its own unique style and aesthetic that transforms their kitchen space.

Samsung MyBespoke_Dr.woo
Samsung MyBespoke_Katie Rodgers
Samsung MyBespoke_Olive Mannella

[1] Terms and conditions of application; available later this year on select 2022 custom French door refrigerator models
[2] Available exclusively on
[3] A panel change kit is included with the purchase of custom panels; Instructions for changing Bespoke fridge panels are included in the Samsung Bespoke fridge user manual. Bespoke refrigerator customers can also choose to have new panels installed by Samsung Customer Service.

Karl M. Bailey