Zee Zest Presents New Cooking Show ‘Patt-ay Ki baat’

Mumbai: Zee Zest recently launched her new show, Patt-ay Ki Baat. The show carries a unique concept with a different perspective on green leafy vegetables and herbs found in India and around the world. Hosted and directed by celebrity chef Ajay Chopra, Patt-ay Ki Baat airs every Thursday and Friday on Zee Zest SD & HD, and Zeezest.com at 1:00 p.m.

Using 48 different types of ingredients such as fenugreek, moringa, coriander, curry, bay leaf, colocasia, sage, thyme, rosemary, etc., the show is designed to present unique dishes using these leaves as a spice/flavoring agent, a main course ingredient, and a cooking agent that is sure to add newfound freshness to every meal!

Speaking on the show’s concept, Zee Zest’s business manager, Amit Nair, said, “Leaves have always been present in most of our meals and have been part of Indian heritage since time immemorial in because of their medicinal, aromatic, herbal and savory properties. , but they haven’t received the attention they deserve. That is why Patt-ay Ki Baat emphasizes a sense of urgency or importance in its concept which emphasizes the presentation of the benefits, elements and usefulness of leaves, which has never been done before. We hope that the public will find inspiration in the various nutritious and tasty recipes we have prepared and can adapt them while cooking nutritious food to keep their families healthy as well.

Users can benefit from more useful information from Patt-ay Ka Corner and Patt-ay Ki Tip. Patt-ay Ka Corner is a kitchen area with locally grown leaves and herbs that give the space a healthy and refreshing vibe, while Tip Patt-ay Ki solves a common problem of leaves drying out quickly with helpful suggestions for preserving them.

Karl M. Bailey